closed it’s doors

The service was online from December 31, 2016 until October 21, 2022

I’ve created the service in the christmas week of the year 2016. went online on December 31, 2016. It started to solve a problem that was not new at the time, but usually cost money: Server monitoring around the clock with automatic notifications in the event of problems or downtimes.

On October 21th, 2022 went offline itself.

In the 2118 days of its existence, have generated nearly 1 billion server statuses and, when necessary, sent Slack messages or emails of the statuses.

It always was a free service. At no time was there any advertising on It was self-financed at all times. The service could be used anonymously (apart from an e-mail address).

On October 21th, 2022 the servers were switched off and all data was irretrievably deleted. was one of my dream projects. Thank you to the huge user base. (Screenshot, 2020)